HA Contest 2023

Contest Soapbox
Call Sign Category Mode Soapbox
VK4M SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH This year was very quiet compared to previous years. Still good fun. FT101MP with full wave horizontal loop and a vertical combined. Thanks for all the contacts especially those who got on just to give a few nrs out. Conditions were "OK" but found it hard to RX QRP stns.
VL4R SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Very poor participation this year
VK2TTL SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thanks for the Contest, generally low noise, but with 9+10 stactic crashes. Cheers
VK2KJJ SINGLE-OP CW HIGH great condition, but would liked to see many more CW station's. Was /p as I got strong QRM on 80m @ home.
VK3HY SINGLE-OP CW HIGH Worked eight out of just nine CW stations heard. It seems many contesters chose to watch the Coronation of King Chuck III over participating in the HA Sprint. I did not attempt phone contacts.
VK2MT SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Operated portable in the bush SW of Nowra NSW. Band conditions seemed OK, but the number of contesters seemed way down from previous years, with the low number of contacts reflecting this, but maybe it was just me!
VK4IZ SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH A little quieter than last year, perhaps due to the coronation of King Charles being on TV at the same time as the contest.
VK2IO SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH For the Harry Angel Sprint 2023 I operated portable at Pilliga West State Conservation Area VKFF-1373 QF49JL. Antenna was a ZS6BKW doublet at 9m. Radio used was an ICOM IC7300 with 50W output. A late start for me as I was busy activating the park. Photos here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/9A6WhaJDz3UvPhCf7
VK3APJ SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Didn't seem to be very many stations this year & could hear several VK4's who couldn't hear me.