Contest Soapbox
Call Sign Category Mode Soapbox
ZL3VZ SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Had a great time on 10m! Probably my best score in this contest. Pity I couldn't stay on for more of Sunday morning. Many thanks!
VK4M SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Condx seemed pretty good this weekend. A lot quieter this year compared to previous years. Huge thanks to those not in the contest but came up to help with points and let them know their shire. :-) Had probs witht the 20m rotator, and N1MM not scoring correctly, but was narrowed down to other old UDC info from testing. Now for a complete uninstall and reinstall to clear any old programming. Found out that there is a contest server for VK contests and we send our scores to it. Contest.run, under 'regional' FYI
VK3TZT SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Good fun, conditions were up and down on 40m
VK2EZF SINGLE-OP SSB LOW Thank you to all the contest organisers and participants. Running about 80W from a SunSDR2 dx to a single wire doublet 22m long and 8m up for all bands. Managed to keep up a steady pace of QSOs while conditions went up and down quite considerably. It was really encouraging to work so many rover stations.
VK7C/VK6 SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Very low noise level at our location at The Gordon Hall, Cranbrook Shire. A di-pole for 20, doublet for 80 & 10m, and vertical 1/4 for 40 & 15. Nothing at all during daytime on 40m.
VK3STV SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Few contacts log to assist Verification
VK2TTL SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Thanks everyone for all the contacts and qso's on bands 80 to 10m. Very enjoyable, alrhough a little quiet at times.
K3TW SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH "Many thanks for another very enjoyable VK Shires Contest. Activity was excellent on all bands."