Contest Soapbox: 2020 QRP Hours October
Call Sign Category Mode Soapbox
VK2YW SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Pretty hard going. No vk3s ( But a gpood bit of fun. Tnx
VK3BQ SINGLE-OP SSB QRP Lots of local noise, i tried to call CQ and give out some numbers, but not much luck.
VK5AV SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Good fun, first time calling CQ in CW contest. Happy with result. FT891 5W, End Ved. Could not export as CW only from VKCL!
VK5LJ SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Thanks for running the contest Andrew. I ran a K3 at 5w with an OCF dipole at 10m. QRN peaking at S5 otherwise reasonable band conditions.
VK3BYD SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Due to a late change in venue I was late getting on air. Setup in the Mt Pilot National Park, as always great to have a site with no qrm.