VK Shires 2022

Contest Soapbox
Call Sign Category Mode Soapbox
VK2TTL SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Most enjoyable, thanks to everyone.
VK2JA SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH I incorrectly advised location of CU2 when portable, I was actually in PC2 so not eligible for rover category.
ZL3VZ SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Despite the high solar flux, conditions appeared to be fairly poor with weak signals. There did not appear to be as many active as previously noted. However, an enjoyable contest for all that even though the Shires Award seems to have fallen by the wayside. Many thanks. I elect Blocks 2 and 3 for my entry.
VK7KPC/Q SINGLE-OP SSB QRP Thanks for running contest. Reduced operating period due to family birthday.
VK2IE SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Some what quiet on 40M on Saturday evening.
VK4VO SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Another ripper shires contest, had a busier time than 2021, good consistent conditions. Thanks to all the stations who put in the effort!!!
VK3FRC MULTI-OP MIXED HIGH Thank you contest managers. Great contest which was eenjoyed by memebrs of famparc. The bands were in resonable condition, just a pity there appeared to be a problem in the vkcl software. I do hope the check logger can help.
VK2IO SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Sat morning: Operated from SOTA VK2/MN-193 Rollover QF68hl Radio: KX2 @ 12W into ZS6BKW @ 9m Sat night: Operated from park VKFF-1955 Lake Innes Nature Reserve QF68kl Radio: IC7300 @ 40W into ZS6BKW @ 9m The rest of the time I was at the Port Macquarie Field Day. Enjoyed helping out with contacts into the PM2 shire.
VK2YW SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Good fun. I wish to be entered in the Rover Section. Unfortunately VKCL won't allow for a Rover so I have edited the Cabrillo Log. On the Sat morning I left Wagga at 0630 to drive to Broken Hill. Contest commenced atr 10am when I was in Hay Shire. I then passed through Balranald, Murray River, Wentworth, Unicorporated Area, then Broken Hill shires. On Sunday I headed off north on Silver City Hwy and then the Unincorporated Area again. My destination was Milparinka. Enjoyed greatly and managed to keep the written log beloiw.
VK3V SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Worked as 10 watt station Rover category
VK2KJJ SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH great contest, and many operators on air, could have whished for double score for cw qso, to make a bit more activity in that end of the bands :-), not much happening after midnight he he. vy 73 Yern / Joe VK2KJJ
VK3BQ SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH 100w and a random bit of wire.
VK2LEE SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH great contest- no one on 80m at 5am - 6am- good conditions on 40m & 80m.. I said hello to many contesters I only meet during contests. FTDX3000 DIPOLES ON 40 & 80M
VK2XIC SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Introduction of the four hour block system makes it worth while having a go and makes the contest much more fun! Thanks for the change.
VJ2U SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Lots of fun after being QRT for the best part of 30 years.
VK7C SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Good location at Lake Bringalbert in West Wimmera, very quiet. Disappointing that there were much less participants this year. It was hard to make DX Contacts, with having to get them to understand to give out a CQ Zone.