Australia Day 2022 -Trial only

Contest Soapbox
Call Sign Category Mode Soapbox
VK3CJN SINGLE-OP SSB QRP 1st attempt at contesting. I really enjoyed it.
VL4R MULTI-OP MIXED HIGH Participation rate seemed somewhat low.
VK2YW SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Again - good fun. Bit quiet toward the end on 80m but plenty of 40m activity plus 10m open - bonus!
VK4PQ SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH FT8 contacts unsure of how to make into real numbers all will be + or - signal reports, .. :-) Cheers - good to see activity on 6m.
AX2LEE SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH not a lot of operators out today.. maybe too short of notice.. many operators on 10 metres. I did work some of the new callsigns I was using 80m & 40m inverted vee antennas as I had an open circuit in My HB35 Yagi. Looking forward to the ANZAC day contest . Lee AX2LEE.
VK3GN SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Greatly enjoyed for the short time I was able participate. Look forward to future RD an Aust Day tests - thanks
VJ2A SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH What a great contest on a great day cheers conditions were great it was a real ball of fun... Matt VK2ZG
AX4SN SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Not much time to put into the contest as I was with family.
AX2GR SINGLE-OP CW HIGH Poor CW activity in the new Australia Day contest
AX4LEW SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Australia day contest
AX2TTL SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thanks for the new contest. Tried to work as many bands the 7300 allowed. Got contacts 80 to 6m, so conditions were favourable. Heard a fair few operators I hav'nt spoken to for some time. 10m was a notable fav for many. Power 100W except 10M being 350Wpep. Ant a multi-wire di-pole.
AX3AUQ SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH This was a simple no stress contest. I was not available for much of it. Maybe it should be expanded to allow DX contacts or restricted to only VK. P2 and ZL ARE DX and not relevant to Australia Day unlike the RD contest. Start at 00:00 UCT on 26th January and run for 12 hours. I only use the AX prefix on the specified UCT date. ie NOT the 25th. Thanks for giving it a try and hope it will continue.
AX6MK SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Great Competition. Thanks for the efforts in making this happen.
AX4ADC SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Interesting enough but lots of people did not know about it as an inaugural event - or the rules. These things needs lots of PR to make them work. Propagation good at times, poor other times, and not enough stations to work. Storm QRN did not help. VHF operation almost non existent.
VK4GCR SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Single Operator From Home Base Station 100 watt Transceiver 20M,40M,80M
VJ2B SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Many thanks to the organisers of this new contest! I believe that it was a great success. This was the first outing for the new contesting callsign VJ2B, running portable.