Trans-Tasman 2019

Contest Soapbox
Call Sign Category Mode Soapbox
VK5LJ SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Bands were very noisy tonight, S9 on 80m all night. Great contest and format.
VK2GZ SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Not too many ZLs heard tonight.
VK3LM SINGLE-OP SSB LOW Another good contest and happy with my effort.
VK2MG SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Portable in Brisbane Water National Park (VKFF-0056) QF56PN FT818 set to 5W in to a linked dipole 9m up a 10m squid pole into trees
VK3GB SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Once again a great contest, plenty of fun was had by all who took part. Pirty the bands wan't in the best of conditions, however, activity was fairly constant. Thanks to the organisers for another great contest.
VK2IG SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Transceiver: TS-480HX @ 5W output Antennas: 1/4 wave wire for 160m, 80m OCF dipole for 80 & 40m. Not many CW stations about, but an enjoyable contest all the same. Thanks to all those who answered my calls, and the contest manager for organising it. See you all next year!
VK3CTM SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Great fun! My CW getting a tad shaky...
VK6WX SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Did not read the rules correctly and did not send new exchange for each band. Ran remote station of Northern Corridor Radio with no amp - only 3 watts out. Not in it to win it, just to give out some numbers. Was good fun working QRP.
ZL3VZ SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW 160m antenna malfunctioned unfortunately and had trouble being heard on 40m in VK in the early stages so had to rely largely on 80m. However, enjoyed the contest for all that. Thanks very much to the organisers.
VK7BEN SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Disappointing conditions - only hearing 2-3 people per band throughout contest. FTDX1200 + Bushcomm Dipole
VK3DEK SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Used an Icom-7300 barefoot, multiband end fed antenna. Conditions generally poor, lots of stations heard, but didn't manage to work any Thanks for the fun.
VK5BC SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW band had S9 noise at my QTH but still good fun
VK3BTV SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Great fun, but I ran out of steam before 6hrs was up :-)
VK2LEE SINGLE-OP SSB LOW Great conditions on 80 metres. not many ZL stations heard. The Two Hour Blocks is excellent. Good friendly contest. Will be back next year..Lee
VK2QN SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Rig - Kenwood TS-440S Ant - G5RV Band conditions were good.
VK2MT SINGLE-OP SSB LOW Currently on holidays camping around NSW. For the Contest, was camped on a farm just near Tabulam (Located between Tenterfield & Casino.) Radio: IC-7100, Ant: 12m Squid Pole & Inv Vee, Power: LiPo 12v Battery
VK2AFY MULTI-OP MIXED HIGH What a fantastic night, Lots of QRM Could hear the neighbours washing machine spin cycle on 40M :( Looking forward to next year!
VK2GR SINGLE-OP CW LOW VKCL Version 4.8 would not alow serial numbers starting 001 for each band. Good low noise conditions on the 80m band. 160m antenna problems limited top band operation.
VK3YE SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP A good contest. Operated 80m only with 5w CW/DSB transceiver.
VK5SFA SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH 40 Metre antenna is a SteppIR 3E at 17M AGL 80 & 160 Metre antenna is a two turn, 3 metre diameter magentic loop. Conditions were quite good in VK5. Good to see some ZL's!
VK2TTL SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH 40M 100W, Horz Dipole Antenna 80M 300W , Horz Dipole Antenna 160M 100W Vertical 12M Squidpole Helically wound Antenna Conditions OK, Some ZLs commented not advertised well. Thanks for the contest.
VK2MB MULTI-OP MIXED HIGH The club oerated portable from the Berrima Scout Camp. We wish to thank the town of Berrima for their hospitality and many cafes, pubs restaurants and businesses for the great food and hospitality. During the weekend we had many visitors of family and other club members which both assisted in site preparation and moral support. All the operators wish to thank the many visitors.
VK2QV SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH 160m - Loaded inverted "L", 80m - Inverted "L", 40m - Full size Delta loop
VK3III MULTI-OP MIXED HIGH Operators David VK3GP, Andrew VK3MIX, Hans VK3FHSB and James VK3F???