RD Contest 2021 - Winning State: VK7

Contest Soapbox
Call Sign Category Mode Soapbox
VK2UE SINGLE-OP CW HIGH Very disappointing amount of RTTY.
VK6POP SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Portable ops from Greenhills WA Thanks for the contest
VK7VH SINGLE-OP SSB QRP Tough conditions this year. Only had antennae for 40m and 80m and operated QRP. Still had a great time. Many thanks to the contest manager.
VK3MB SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH A great contest this year. 40 and 80 where a lot of fun. Thanks
VK6NCB SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thank you to everyone I worked, great to be part of another enjoyable weekend of amateur radio
VK1DA SINGLE-OP CW HIGH Unable to put much time into this event. some nice signals heard.
VK1PE SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Opening sequence broadcast on 14.265 before contest opened.
VK3FUR SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH From Richmond, VIC apartment with loaded vertical squidpole out of apartment balcony window. S9 noise on all bands. https//twitter.com/xssfox/status/1426386382310707200
VK7GS SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Great 24 hours look forward to next year
VK7NTK SINGLE-OP FM HIGH Thanks all, a fun day
VK3SAY SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Due to Covid restrictions, the station was operated by one operator only.
VK7WN SINGLE-OP FM QRP This contest certainly was a blast, literally! At the Mount Nelson Signal Station exposed to gale force winds, especially on Sunday morning. Sitting comfortably inside car working 2m/70cm. Used two handhelds 5W and two external antennas. Great to hear the 001s contesting as well.
VK3KTT SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH a great contest lots of activity and lots of fun had here
VK4ZI SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH For some reason, VKCL was not incrementing the Sent ID numbers instead seemed to use the number of years currently licensed. There is one sequence missing from the log - 004. Log submitted to confirm other contesters.
VK7RD SINGLE-OP CW HIGH An enjoyable contest even though I only worked a few hours this year. Pleasantly surprised by the number of new callsigns and also a few old timers who've become active again after a long break!
VK2KI SINGLE-OP CW HIGH Great contest, and I really enjoyed watching the years licensed numbers. Thanks Alan and the Contest Team.
VK7OO SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Good to be indoors while wet and wild weather lashed Hobart. Luckily no antennas lost.
VK6DDX SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Another good RD contest; conditions not overly generous in WA and there seemed to be lower numbers taking part. All participants I met were friendly and encouraging and demonstrated great radio communicating skills.
VK7TW SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Great friendly contest - great to see so many operators that had been licenced for one year.
VK7ZBX SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thanks to those who organised the contest, wrote the software, looked after servers etc. Thanks also to those wwho took the time to participate. It was great to hear and work so many handing out the 001 number.
VK2AYD SINGLE-OP CW LOW A few watts and a dipole at 7mts worked ok. But oh how I miss my antenna farm. You can judge the av age now. Lots of OT's (I'm 91)
VK5PL SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Conditions were quite good apart from Sunday morning when it was a bit noisy here. Had fun.
VK6NC MULTI-OP MIXED HIGH Great contest as usual
VK3JWT SINGLE-OP SSB LOW Enjoyed this years RD during Melbourne lockdown. Friendly contest. Many stns on 80 and 40m. FT-847 into G5RV via FC-20 Tuner
VK7KAJ SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Another good contest. Thanks to all.
VK3FI SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Longest licence period heard during my couple of hours on air was 63
VK6AKR SINGLE-OP FM HIGH Forms one station for Team WH-1, others are VK6FRDM and VK6EZ
VK4KW MULTI-OP MIXED HIGH Thank you for another great WIA Contest. We tried rapid QSY between bands with only one transmitted signal on air at any one time. The User Defined Contest Modules created by VK4SN worked a treat with N1MM Logger and monitored breeches of the one transmitter only on air rule
VK6FD SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Would be very helpful if the Export functions were a main menu item and not hidden in the log window. Might help to get more people sending their logs in. Cheers John
VK6NUL SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH New to hobby, first time contest. Great weekend.
VK2VE SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Had a great time in the contest. Thanks to everyone who was on the bands.
VK2XJM SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Had a great time with the contacts I made.
VK2YW SINGLE-OP SSB QRP Hard going at times on Saturday running around 5w but managed a VK6 contact on 80m. Quite enjoyed handing out contacts.
VK3SN SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Great event! Nice to hear new voices too. Thanks for all the effort to make this happen.
VK3QB SINGLE-OP CW QRP Conditions better than last year but maybe numbers were down. Great to get ZL on 20, 40, 80 and 160 with QRP. Shame there wasnt more activity 1-6am for bonus points Thanks Alan for another fun contest,
VK6MJC SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thank you for organising the contest. Cheers MIke 73
VK2NMZ SINGLE-OP SSB QRP For the first time participating in the contest, I enjoyed it. Challenging running a QRP station with many stations bleeding over upto 30khz away making operating frustrating, FT-818 6W, Sotabeams linked Dipole. Looking forward to next year!
VK6NT SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Contests made from Home.
VK3TIN SINGLE-OP SSB LOW Working from home and didn't push it too hard. Stay safe everyone out there in lockdown.. MW
VK3IE SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH first time...bit of fun )
VK4ACN SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Just a Sunday attempt due to work committments on Saturday. Highlight was VK0PD
VK3BOY SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thanks, I had a ball.
VK7KPC/Q SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Thanks again for managing this contest
VK3UKW SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH HF IC-7300 VK4-ICE End-Fed, 100W VHF IC-7000 vertical 2m dipole, 50W
VK5AYD SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Great contest.....thanx to all who participated....cu next year.....
VK5RS SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thank you for the contest - it was great fun! Cheers
VK2WQ SINGLE-OP CW LOW Enjoyed some good 40m CW activity on Sunday morning
VK5JAK SINGLE-OP SSB LOW First Year - First Contest
VK3DID SINGLE-OP CW HIGH Have not been in a contest for some years. Really enjoyed getting back on air, even with limited antenna!
VK6COL SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH We need more E/S contacts, they seem not interested in WA.
VK7XHJ SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH VK7XHJ Xavier Thow Contesting from the Queens Domain, Tas
VK5NYD SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Great contest this year....Thanks to all who participated.....
VK6MM SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Operated from North Yunderup
VK2KJJ SINGLE-OP CW HIGH great contest. Nice to meet people you haven't had qso with for long time.
VK2JCC SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Hi, I never set out to win only to boost points for VK2. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for the great sofwatre for logging. 73 Colin vk2jcc
VK5CB SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH 40m and 20m good conditions , changing condtions and noisy 80m 160m
VK2FO SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Great fun. Once again I apologise to the many station I could pull out of my local S9 noise. The only good thing from covid is that there were plenty of staions at home to participate in the contest
VK6VZ SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH My first RD for a few years - great fun. The change to allow interstate QSOs on HF is interesting, but this favours highly populated states. Think there should be a state multiplication factor - the most populous state NSW has a multiplier of 1, VIC is 1.226, QLD is 1.573, WA is 3.060, SA is 4.615, TAS is 15.092, ACT is 18.940 and NT is 33.146. Now that would make it fairer, more fun and encourage participation!
VK3VB SINGLE-OP CW QRP Enjoyed contest. Felt participation was down on last year. Several stations suffering QRM and unable to get contact over event even though well over S9 here. QSB was brutal on 40m. I had 3 antenna's to switch betwen and randomly one would be 3-4 s points stronger. Would love to be able to have a CW QRP category in teams - I think this could be promoted well within VK QRP and FISTS and be popular. thanks for organising - enjoyed the event
VK7JGD SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH thanks to all who were involved in running this contest and all the players who took part great to see the 001 stations
VK7HXT SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH VK7HXT Harry Thow contesting on Queens Domain, Tas. My first time on the RD contest and absolutely loved every minute of the contest. Well done all to part take in this great event. 73
VK5LJ SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Generally pretty good conditions on all bands, most VK6's heard with good signal strength. Great format helps to keep the contacts going. Good fun using 100w and a couple of wire antennas.Thanks Alan for running the contest.
VK2BFC SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Great contest in poor conditions. Only worked 40m but had enormous fun.
VK7HH SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Great contest, good to hear so many 001 stations on air. 80m proved to be rather good over the duration of the contest. Live streamed to the world with over 4000 views and lots of interested in VK contesting. "You guys are so polite in the way you conduct yourselves on air" was the comment I saw the most. Well done to all.
VK5SFA SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Really enjoyed this year's RD contest. Thanks to the organisers and all participants. Quite a low noise floor on most bands which was a bonus! 73
VK2BHO SINGLE-OP CW HIGH Noted.. no operators in the 20-30 year group
VK2IG SINGLE-OP CW HIGH Had a few hours on Saturday night (in between doing some antenna calculations) and an hour on Sundary afternoon to give out a few numbers. Only used 160 & 40m this year - during the week before the contest, a kangaroo collided with the post supporting the 80m antenna feed system and took it off the air! Station consisted of a TS-480HX at 100W output and a 1/4 wave sloping wire on 160m and a Y-doublet on 40m. Thanks very much to all those who answered my calls, sorry if I missed anyone, and thanks to the contest manager for running it again this year. Catch you all in the next contest!
VK4SN SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Seemed much busier this year with band condx a bit better, although QSB affected me often. I put up a 1/2 wave 80m dipole to give me some NVIS advantage, and was glad I did as the vertical struggled to pull in some signals. Good to work many VK6's across most bands I Worked on average 43 stations per hour over 15 hours. CW attracted Europe ops in the WAE contest in the early morning on 80m and a small pile up hindered my VK QSO's. In the end I had to go back to voice and leave the pile up wondering where I was. Seems "VK Only" and "CQ RD" has no meaning. LOL. Great ops on air, vy friendly. Thanks to all.
VK7STO SINGLE-OP PHONE LOW My first time in contest. Please let me know if I have done anything wrong. I am 001 years licenced. Operating an Icom-705 on 10 Watts in North West Tasmania.
VK3VDP SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Great contest. Would like a seperate RTTY category netx time.
VK3TWO SINGLE-OP SSB QRP Had a blast. QRP was most challenging on 160m, with most stations not hearing me. Great reports for 5W otherwise. Was disappointed several 'power stations' not bothering to check multiple times with "Is this frequency in use?", coming straight over the top of me many times, and other 'big stations' deciding that being 2kHz away from me with very dirty amplifiers was ok besides a QRP station. Thanks to all for the many contacts, especially those in the 'night owl' hours. Was a challenging but rewarding 24hrs. See you all next year.
VK5DT SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thanks for running the contest, always great fun. Cheers
VK3CWS SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Worked through Remote Station VK3CNE
VK5KK SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Portable Microwave "QRP" power levels as follows. 23 cm = 2W, 3 cm = 4W, 1.25 cm = 2W, 6.5 mm = 1 W, 4 mm = 0.2 mW, 2.5 mm = 0.5 mW. 122 GHz contact would be the first time this band has been used in the RD contest
VK2MT SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH No low-noise operating while camped at a remote sheep farm this year due to COVID. Suburban noise levels at home from S5-S9+, but certainly more comfortable & no battery capacity worries. Seemed like more stations were on the air maybe due to the Lockdowns. And for a nice change this year, no massive static crashes from storms. Some good laughs near the end when lack of sleep was kicking in! Thanks to Alan for organising. Catch you all next year.
VK4GTR SINGLE-OP SSB QRP Name column = frequency
VK5AVQ SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Transcribed from paper log, post contest. Single Op / VHF up / Phone My first use of this program
VK1PWE SINGLE-OP CW HIGH Log Checkers - This is the first time I've used VKCL and I hope this has been configured correctly. I was unable to see how to include my serial sent (this log was created post-contest). As it is, the serial sent reflects the years licensed (ie, 38, as filled in when I set up VKCL). I have included the serial sent in the comments section, but this does not reflect in the Cabrillo output....sorry! Please let me know if I can assist you in fixing this.
VK2ZK SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Excellent contest. Convival atmosphere and great to hear old and new ham alike. Op conditions IC-7300, AL-811amp, 20-10metre multiband vertial and 40/80 trapped dipole @ 9 metres
VK2IO SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Operated portable at Coolum Creek Conservation Park VKFF-1518 in VK4. Radio was an Elecraft KX3 @ 5W. Antenna 1 was a ZS6BKW @ 9m. Antenna 2 was a 160m EFHW @ 12m. Propagation was reasonably favourable with low QRN and no QRM. Sustaining a run on 5W from VK4 was not happening so most contacts were hunt and peck. Had a lot of fun in the contest.
VK3DRH SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Only a modest entry this year (as was feeling under the weather from my covid jab yesterday afternoon). Nevertheless thanks to all for organising.
VK7GN SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH My computer is on gmt so hope I got adjustments for scoring at night correct!
VK4FABN SINGLE-OP SSB QRP First RD Contest, great fun but tough running QRP from suburbia.
VK3HN SINGLE-OP CW QRP Short Sunday morning QRP CW session this year. Is it 'number years since issued Amateur Operators Certificate of Proficiency' or 'number years you have held a station license'? Mine are not the same (43 and 40).
VK2GR SINGLE-OP CW LOW Slow going as a CW only operation. a few different callsigns this year. QTH south east NSW QF54eq
VK7KC SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Always enter this contest but not many contacts this year.
VK2KQB SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Had high noise levels. Due to other committments could not operate longer this year.
VK2JNA SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH great fun. 160m constructed in 20minutes
VK5OQ SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Beautiful day for portable operation for once. Previous couple of contests where I've been portable have been aweful WX Location Nantawarra about 20 km north of Port Wakefield.