Remembrance Day 2022 - Winning State VK7:

Contest Soapbox
Call Sign Category Mode Soapbox
VK6SJ SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Good fun. Wish I'd had more time to participate
VK6DDX SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thank you for a fun contest. "That Rabbit-proof fence seems to absorb a lot of signals from the east!"
VK6WE SINGLE-OP SSB LOW Just had a bit of fun at the end of the contest!
VK6NCB SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thank you to all who participated, had a great contest,
VK7RD SINGLE-OP CW HIGH Another enjoyable RD Contest!
VK3DEN SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Standard phonetics makes life easier
VK4SN SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Great conditions on all bands this weekend. Lots of VK6 :-) Glad I got the 80m loop up as it heard so much more than my DX vertical did. 40m 4 square proved itself again. Thanks for all the contacts. Everyone vy friendly - great fun.
VJ5Z SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH My first RD using CW, it won't be my last! What a great contest.
VK6QS SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Great contest - thanks everyone
VK2KJJ SINGLE-OP CW LOW Great contest, good condition. vy 73 es cu agn de vk2kjj / joe
VK5DC SINGLE-OP CW HIGH A great opportunity to hone CW skills and meet a few fellow amateurs whilst acknowledging the sacrafice of our Australian Service personnel
ZL3AB CHECKLOG CW LOW The WAE CW contest made this a struggle to find particpating VK stations
VK6CSW SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thanks for a most enjoyable contest
ZL3ART SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Due to band and time availabilty this is a very small entry so will probably be considered a Check-log. Thanks for the opportunity to make trans-tasman QSO, I would like to have a bit more rag-chewing trans-tasman! 73
VK2TTL SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thanks for the Contest, Sunday Morning only, 20m was well Alive with plenty of VK6,5,ZL, and 3D2BT Brad Dropped in to say Hello.
VK3GK SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Excellent conditions with a few good runs from VK6. I noticed lots of 001 and other low cyphers being exchanged. Very good to see newly licenced operators participating in contesting. CU all next year de VK3GK
VK7WW SINGLE-OP CW QRP The "graveyard shift" from 1pm to 6pm was a struggle on 160m when you are QRP and crystal locked on 1815!
VK2BPL SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Enjoyed the Contest.. Lest we Forget
VK7GN SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Dropped out when non of my 80 meter antennas would work - I have three Hi Martin
VK3MB SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thanks, had a bit of fun giving out numbers this year.
VK3CWS SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Operated via Club Remote Station VK3CNE located at Maidenhead position QF22NH
VK2YW SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Only operated Sunday for a few hours as I was away the day before. But as usual - a lot of fun. Thanks to organisers.
VK5BC SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Enjoyed contest
VK3V SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Operated portable from the Kurth Kiln Regional Park.
VK3NCC SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thanks to those organising so this event occurs , WEll Done
VK2R SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Operated at home as portable site closed. Good propagation so QRP was enjoyable.
VK2ZHE SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH I wasn't able to get on air until Sunday morning so I only made a small number of contacts this year. It was great to see the activity on the bands for the RD, 73
VK6POP SINGLE-OP SSB LOW Portable, 40m vee beam pointing East
VJ3W SINGLE-OP CW HIGH Participated in memory my father: CPO Leading Telegrapist, Les Young (DSM) SK Ex ZL2KK, VK2BLY. Pity more stns did not use 20 - 28 MHz. Worked couple ZL's
VJ4K MULTI-OP MIXED HIGH The RD really is the friendly contest, the introduction of the operator names list on N1MM was awesome. Thanks to the VK Log Checker team and to everyone who gave us a call. But above all thank you for your service, Veterans past and present and serving.
VK3AUQ SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Fun contest. Not much VHF activity, most of my VHF contacts were on 23cm. HF was CW only until the dying minutes when I had a series of contacts with VK3MH. We were attempting to fill in all possible bands activated and I had one 10 mtr ssb QSO. Running 100W to an 80 Mtr inverted vee with tuner for 160 - 10 Mtr. Homebrew iambic keyer from about 40 plus years ago. VK3GF on 40 Mtr @ 0755 may have been using a serial number instead of years licenced.
VK2KZV SINGLE-OP SSB QRP foundation license holder for about six weeks
VK3AQZ SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Some early numbers I sent were progressive by mistake instead of yearsof service. Apologies. I have used the numbers I sent in my log.The other staion will also show those numbers. I beleive that is okay as long as the numbers match.
VK3JK SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Please update VKCL from 3.13 to 4.15 please.
VK7KPC/Q SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Good fun thanks. Had some finger trouble with electronic log and lost 2 7MHz SSB SOAPBOX: contacts that occurred between 1:57 and 2:32 on Sunday. One was VK7ZBX but I don't SOAPBOX: remember other callsign. Serves me right for depending on software and pc. Peter VK7KPC
VK2CCC SINGLE-OP CW QRP For fun, decided to work using 500 milliwatt power, using KX3 with attenuator, microHAM RF power meter, and EFHW antenna @ 22 m. Many thanks to all for your patience in copying my weak signal. Will be looking forward to next year's contest.
VK7LEE SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Challenging atmospheric conditions but still managed to get a decent score compared to my last effort !! Thanks to everyone for a great contest.
VK7IF SINGLE-OP CW HIGH 80 km/h winds blew my vertical down about 0200 local making this a most memorable contest. Thank you to all the CW operators who tolerated my slow and clumsy morse.
VK5XY SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH All good fun - many thanks --- Colin
VK3ADW SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH My first RD contest was in 1951 using a homebrew rig and army surplus R107 receiver
VK2DAY SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH One of the nicest contests I have been in. Everyone was very well behaved and noticeably polite. Hopefully, do it all again next year.
VK2BHO SINGLE-OP CW HIGH as always a great contest and good to see several new amateurs in the log , ..
VK1RF SINGLE-OP CW HIGH Is log invalid? In error, I used a sequential number instead of years licensed
VK6IS SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH it was only for an hour, on each band, but it was fun to do.
VK7ZBX SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thanks to everybody for their participation. A greattime was had. Looking forward to next year already.
VK7HH SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Great contest, lots of activity. 80m and 40m good signals.
VK5LOL SINGLE-OP SSB LOW Log created by VK4SN from Paper log entry
VK5YX SINGLE-OP SSB LOW Log created by VK4SN from Paper log entry
VK4KM SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Hopefully, scores help other stations. 73's
VK7TW SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thanks to all organisers for another great RD contest. Fantastic that there were lots of 001 signal reports. 73, VK7TW
VK6FD SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH It would be very helpful if a detailed list of instructions on how to submit a log file was shown PROMINENTLY on the WIA web site. I waste so much time just trying to submit a log, not sure its worth the trouble.
VK6HV SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Log created by VK4SN from Paper log entry
VK3ASU SINGLE-OP SSB LOW Log created by VK4SN from Paper log entry
VK4TE SINGLE-OP SSB LOW Log created by VK4SN from Paper log entry
VK3KRL MULTI-OP MIXED HIGH Great afternoon/evening supporting 7 Cub Scouts from 1st Sandringham Scout Group do all of the work to setup the antenna & station in the park by our Scout hall before they searched for the CQ calls, made the QSO and logged the callsign/exchange - sorry for anyone we missed or got wrong, they were so excited - even when the laptop with VKCL had a fit and lost the radio. IC-705 running 5w, 80m EFHW, AV-600 meter all on battery
VK3JWT SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Log created by VK4SN from Paper log entry. Good to hear many stations on HF and some on VHF. First time ZL contact during many RD's. G5RV was used on HF.
VK4XQM SINGLE-OP CW LOW Log created by VK4SN from paper log submission
VK2LDM SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Hi Allan, Just letting you know that I did not work station VK2ATZ during the 2022RD Contest.
VK2WQ SINGLE-OP CW HIGH 80m was all tx qrp (3 watts) to a G5RV ant ... 40m was mainly 100w (with EFHW ant) but included some 4 watt qrp. An enjoyable contest. Thanks and 73
VK5CB SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH 40m real good Lack of stations on vhf 10m and 15m
ZL3CRG SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH [email protected]
VK2FRKA SINGLE-OP SSB QRP 5 watt qrp with yaesu ft450d ,home brew ladder line fed doublet
VK2LEE SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Great Contest as usual - stuck with 2 antennas - 40 & 80m.. others out of action due to cockatoos. Slow going at times - but that is normal in contests. Some very tired operators on Sunday mornng early.. lots of New Hams also.
VK5PX SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Hard work making contacts from South Australia. Coonditions were poor and there did not appear to be a lot of stations on air.
VK3JNI SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Enjoyed the contest but a few observations: 1. the new 4x callsigns result in more QRZ requests. 2. having a contest to say your callsign the fastest does not help when conditions are poor. 3 Please bring back the VHF/UHF segment of the contest. This would help new operators with limited equipment and antennas
VK4TGL SINGLE-OP CW QRP Thanks to all the ops for their effort in extracting a valid exchange from my QRP signal.
VK7AG SINGLE-OP FM QRP IC-705 and a magmount
VK1TTY SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Lots of fun was had, Very interesting to see band conditons late at night being able to work low power
VK7KC SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Always enjoy the Contest.
VK3PCC SINGLE-OP SSB LOW An enjoyable first contest, all operators were patient & helpful
VK2MT SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Operated in the bush near Wiseman's Ferry with a multiband dipole up a gumtree. Apart from a little OTHR on 80m, the bands were realtively noise-free, although some conditions on 40m were unusual with signals taking massive QSB dives and paths working best only one-way. A lot of fun was had although sleep deprivation can be challenging. Thanks everyone!
VK2JCC SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Decided to only operate QRP this year. Used 5 watts max. into a homwbrew vertical antenna. I think it was more of a challenge using 5 watts. I really enjoyed the contest. Thank you organsiers.
VK1PE SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Antenna issues, and family commitments, limited my ability to work the Contest. (But, I did produce the RD Opening Speech, again.)
VL3E SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Good conditions and plenty of activity. Only a very part time effort but quite a bit of fun.
VK7C/VK2 SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH I operated a portable station from Ponto Falls between Dubbo and Wellington in VK2. 100w into a doublet antenna about 13m in the air. Rain off and on all weekend, incl 40 mins off air for a thunderstorm. We had to watch and shoo away the very friendly and tame young cows grazing in the camp area, and because of them we could not put up a vertical antenna.
VK6HC SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Started off as multiop but in the end was just myself representing ham college. That's not to diminish the overall contributions of members to the club who volunteer several hours weekly helping new hams obtain their licence.
VK3ATL SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Re-submitted log for Single OP entry. I was the only op that turned up. It seems everyone preferred to stay at home on what was a pretty inclement weekend. Never mind, I had a ball! Bert, VK3TU
VK3QB SINGLE-OP CW QRP Conditions were better than last year and great to see more people stayed up for the bonus points overnight. Thanks once again Alan VK4SN for making this an ongoing success.