Trans-Tasman 2021

Contest Soapbox
Call Sign Category Mode Soapbox
VK4SN SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Band condx poor for the 1st couple of hours in SE VK4. Lots of QSB. Picked up well after then including 160m improving enough to work. My headset decided to fail and suffered broken audio for a while. Swapped it out for the standby one and all is fine after a bit of testing to make sure it wasn't a cable problem. Good to see plenty of CW. 40m did not see much activity after the 1st block.
VK6POP SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Condx not good earlier on thanks for the contest 80m loop and g5rv
VK2EBN SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Was a very enjoyable
VK6NU SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Strung up some wire to get me on air on 80, very small back yard here so did the best I could. seemed tough going for us in VK6. Lessons learned probably better get a decent antenna in the air. Back for more next year.
VK3MH SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH 160m was great with low noise and many stations VK/ZL, was a great contest kept me busy for 6 hours non stop.
VK7VH SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP 40m is dead for this contest. Please, please consider making the contest 80m only. let it be over 6 hours in 1 hour blocks, with the best 5 hours to count. Plus, 160m is only available for full calls. Maybe we should revert to two separate contests, 80m and 160m. The need to reconsider is now. I enjoyed the contest and will always support innovation. Thanks to the contest manager for your hard work and support. Long may the TransTasman Contest continiue.
VK7ZBX SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW First attempt at this contest. Had great fun.
VK2EFM SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Had a great time, a bit noiser than last year. Lesson learnt - use 40m more. Strong winds at the QTH caused a few antenna faults that had to be cleared during the contest
VK7JGD SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW good fun as usual not much on 40m at my station vk7jgd
VK2XJM SINGLE-OP SSB LOW Enjoyable contest dispite band conditions being less than average. Still had a g
VK7HH SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Quite a few stations on the band, good turn out.
VK5XY SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Had fun - thanks to all involved.
VK3JBM SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Thanks to the organisers! Was difficult activating from home with S9 noise last night across town, so I was happy to get a couple of contacts and 1 ZL contact.
VK3UA SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Poor Condx but enjoyed it anyway.
ZL4RMF SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Great contest, good operators, fair conditions. Ron ZL4RMF
VK2WQ SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Number of stations down on CW but still enjoyed the contest in the CW mode.
VK2IG SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Nice, low stress, friendly contest! CW only operation. Station consisted of a TX-480S at 5W output, 40m switchable Y-doublet, 80m inverted vee, and 160m 1/4 wave sloping wire. Thanks to everyone who answered my calls, and to the Contest Manager for running the contest. Look forward to hearing you in next year's TT Contest.
VK3KTT SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH A good contest lots of storm activity so conditions were tough no vk6's worked and 40m was dead for me so 80m ruled.
ZL2RX SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Not enough activity from ZL and bands were very noisy here. A struggle with 100 W and a wire.
ZL3VZ SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW My impression was that conditions were not good and signals generally down. Very little heard on 160m and none worked on this band. I was not able to spend the whole period in the contest but hope the extra prefix added something. Many thanks to the organisers. Will try to do better next year.
VK3MB SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thanks for a great contest, really enjoyed it.
VK2PW SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Thanks to organisers! Bit of fun!
VK3QB SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Great contest. Cx average but a lot of fun nonetheless. Need to work on my 160m antenna! Thanks again to the orgainser
VK3BSE SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW A fun contest, noise was a bit high on 80 and 40 for most of the time (S8).
VK3BOY SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Great fun - thanks everyone
VK5LJ SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Generally good band conditions. 40m appeared to shut down early but it did open up again towards the end of the second block with good signals from VK2 avd VK3 but not too many taking advantage of the opening. 160m was very good all night. Thanks Alan for running the contest.
VK5RS SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH thank you - good contest!
VK2KQB SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW noisy evening but worked ok
VK2MT SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW The TT Contest is always enjoyable, but this year was also a real fun challenge! First was COVID lockdown preventing operating from a remote RF quiet location. Next came 100+ kph winds causing antenna damage, wild SWR's and static build-up. Then throw in power line damage & loss of mains just 15 mins before Contest start. All good, Shack battery back-up was available, but after 90 mins of CQ's the volts were to low to continue. Mains power was restored 3 hours later, so turned the rig & laptop back on & away we went. Thanks to those who repeated their callsigns thru my RX noise & thanks to Alan for organising.
VK7GN SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH After one block the remote site was not communicating well so I stopped
VK2QV SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Yaesu 101D | Antennas 40m - Delta loop, 80m - Dipole, 160m - Dipole
VK2IO SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Operated portable at Bellthorpe National Park VKFF-1190 in VK4. Radio was an Elecraft KX3 and antenna was a ZS6BKW. Propagation was not favourable so the QSO count was low. I did not have available my second antenna for 160m so only two bands were used this time.
VK3HJ SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Rig ANAN-200D, Antenna dipoles.
VK2FO SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Tough contest with lots of local noise. Appologies to the stations that called back to my CQ that i could not pull out of my local noise. I know it is very frustrating.