QRP Hours 80m 2022

Contest Soapbox
Call Sign Category Mode Soapbox
VK2KI SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Thanks for putting this together Andrew - good fun and lots of folks on. And thanks for the last minute help with the loggin application too. Cheers, mb
VK2CCC SINGLE-OP CW QRP Thanks all for participation, I was pleased that my 500 milliwatts were heard accross the country.
VK2KJJ SINGLE-OP CW QRP local QRM S9, but great to receive QRP with good strenght
VK1DO SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP All good fun, some surprisingly strong stations, I was a bit slow to return my IC703 to full power after the CW section, but it hardly mattered. The simplicity of submitting a log made the whole contest a no brainer. My return to a hand key was a bit of a shock, I spend so much time on keyboard these days it was most confronting!
VK5AV SINGLE-OP CW QRP Local QRM at start, sigs got stronger. Hope i didn't mess too many up. Lots of fun.
VK3GP SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Ten-Tec Argonaut VI 10W, 80m EFHW dipole, portable setup.
VK2YW SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Good fun but very few people on phone. No contacts after 1125