QRP Hours 80m April 2023

Contest Soapbox
Call Sign Category Mode Soapbox
VK5LJ SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Very challenging noisy conditions tonight. Running 5W into OCF Dipole. Thanks for running the contest Andrew.
VK1CT SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP QRP Labs QCX+ radio (kit-built), 4 watts to end fed antenna. Mini camelback hand key. A fun event.
VK2KJJ/P SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP nice contest again, was /p to get away from my 80m. QRM in my QTH. worked from my car and endfeed LW 2m above ground, a 5 minutes setup. QF34QV
VK2CCC SINGLE-OP CW QRP Operated from home using KX3 @ 5W end fed 42m wire 22m UP. Heavy noise on the band from the recent storm made it very difficult to hear others - each QSO was a struggle, and a sense of achievement at the same time. Well done all. I wish the start next time could be 1 hour later as conditions were only improving.
VK3BYD SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Another great QRP hour event. Band conditions a little better this time with all bar one station with good signals. Rig was a QCX mini running around 4w into the home station’s dipole. Thanks to Andrew for his efforts behind the scene putting this contest together.
VK2IO/P SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Operated portable at Providence Ponds Flora and Fauna Reserve VKFF-2425. Antenna was a ZS6BKW doublet at 9m. Radio used was an ICOM IC7300 with 5W output.
VK2KI SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Thanks for organising once again Andrew. Great fun - lots of stations on CW - but either most had racked off for the SSB segment, or the rising crescendo of static crashes drove the SSB signals down the gurgler. I operated portable in my backyard - battery powered FT-817 and ZS6BKW doublet up about 7m. I was going to attach those little legs you gave me during the event, but I was too busy - they went on today - works well. I was also monitoring an SDR South of Perth - there were lots of CW signals there (several CQ QRS folks were on, and at least one PARG member out portable) - so hopefully you'l lget some logs from WA this time. I was too busy to come up on a Remote - and I couldn't get the power down below 17 Watts on the two I tried - so couldn't log even if I did. A thought for the next rules: Perhaps put a URL to get the VKCL software (eg https://www.vk4sn.com/downloads/VKCLLoggerSETUP.pdf). Cheers and thanks again mate. mb