Harry Angel 2024

Contest Soapbox
Call Sign Category Mode Soapbox
VK4GRM SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thanks for the Contest. It has got me off FT8 for a change. Regards Greg
VK2NSS SINGLE-OP SSB LOW 100w gap voyger
VK3IK SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Thanks for the contacts everyone.
VL5L SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Good fun as always!
VK2EZF SINGLE-OP SSB LOW Thanks to everyone involved in organising the contest. Running about 80W to a wire doublet at 8m here. Had good working to VK5 and VK7 from VK2. The sprint format is a lot of fun - and 106 minutes goes really fast!
VK3APJ SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Started late but got a few in the log.
VK2MT SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH As usual, a fun sprint Contest. Pouring rain here with lots of power line noise. Sorry if I didn't hear you. Thanks to everyone for the fun time.
VK2KQB SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Better than Last year but numbers still down. Great contest as always.
VK4M SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Thanks for the contacts. Band condx got worse from 1100Z and had a hard time hearing VK2 stations. FTDX-101MP with 80M loop and verticle.
VK7C/VK6 SINGLE-OP SSB HIGH Happy to have made 13 contacts from Norseman. 100w squid pole with a 40m wire, and 80m loading coil.
VK4IZ SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH We had a great time as a club introducing new people to contesting.