Trans-Tasman 2022

Contest Soapbox
Call Sign Category Mode Soapbox
VL3I SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW enjoyed contest. activity seemed down with no VK6 or VK7 worked.
VK3MH SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH 160M - Heaps of stations SSB & CW, great conditions this year.
VK3MB SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Thanks for a great contest. 40m was noisy here but 80 and 160 were good. Lots of fun.
VK4TGL SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Thanks to all the ops for their effort in extracting a valid exchange from my QRP signal.
VK7VH SINGLE-OP SSB QRP Operated QRP on 40M and 80M. 40M was tough going. However, 80M was alive and well supported. Many thanks to the contest manager for his great work. Hope to see everone next year for one of the best contests. Adious.
VK3CWS SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW High noise level and some QRM from close by stations also competing.
VK3BTV SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Great HF Conditions, but ZL contacts were scarce.
VK5JGM SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Great contest to test transceiver and antenna. Good fun & very friendly
VK2GR SINGLE-OP CW LOW A limited time operation. Not much CW activity.
VK2TTL SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Thanks for the contest, much activity about, conditions seemed good.
ZL3VZ SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Very good 40m conditions but had no luck with 160m as could not use a location this year where a functional 160m antenna was viable. However, enjoyed the contest for all that. Many thanks.
VK7ID SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Thanks to everyone for being so patient with this newly licensed amateur. I was struggling with low power, a compromised antenna and not knowing how to drive my tuner properly but had fun and learnt heaps.
VK2QN SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Rig, Kenwood TS-440S Ant, G5RV 40m & 80m band conditions were good in western Sydney.
VK2IG SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP CW-only participation here. TS-480HX transceiver at 5W output; Y-doublet at 15m height on 40m; inverted Vee with feedpoint at 15m height on 80m; and inverted-L (sitting on half a radial field at this time) with 14m high vertical section on 160m. Quieter on 160m than expected, with no ZLs heard. Thanks Alan VK4SN for managing the contest, and I look forward to particpating in the next one.
VJ4K SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Thank you all for the QSOs Thank you Phil VK4BAA for loan of station Thank you VK Log Checker team
VK3DFR SINGLE-OP SSB LOW First time at a new QTH. Threw up a quick EFHW antenna, didn't have 160m. Only operated for the last hour.
VK7C/5 SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Portable location Ardrossan on the Yorke Peninsula, SA. Doublet antenna fed with ladder line about 10m above the ground,100m from the sea. Transceiver was a Elecraft K3, using the built in auto tuner to tune across all the bands.
VK6POP SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Thanks for the contest. Conditions were tough, but picking up a load of mults made up for it. IC746, 100 watts 80m Horizontal Loop
VK4B SINGLE-OP MIXED HIGH Due to a very high noise level of S9+ I missed many calls and may have stomped on others unintentionally so I apologise for that.
VK2MT SINGLE-OP MIXED LOW Operated portable in bush near Wiseman's Ferry with a dipole 60' up a gumtree. Great band conditions with no storms & static crashes to deal with like normally occurs during Contests! Good to hear so many QRP stations. Some excellent contacts made with lots of friendly chat. Thanks to all.
VK3KRL SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Didn't get many contacts but was still good fun. What made it even better was I made my first international (ZL) contact on SSB.