2019 QRP - April

Contest Soapbox
Call Sign Category Mode Soapbox
VK3TP SINGLE-OP CW QRP FT891 throttled back to 5W. Wire dipole running N-S. Keys used - old Hi-Mound and Autoplex Bug I enjoy QRP operation and have a number of QRP rigs I only wish the band conditions were more supportive of low power operation.
VK3BYD SINGLE-OP CW QRP Not a busy contest, I worked all that I could hear and still only had 7. I did not bother with SSB, getting late and too hard with QRP power on SSB on a noisy 80m Maybe 30 minutes each mode next time?
VK3YE SINGLE-OP CW QRP A fun contest - thanks!
VK2IG SINGLE-OP CW QRP Lots of QRN tonight, otherwise signals were good. Thanks to all who participated and the contest manager. Look forward to seeing you all in the next QRP Hours Contest.
VK4SN SINGLE-OP CW QRP Very poor conditions tonight although CW sigs came up in the last 15mins. Only ones heard by the RBN VK4CT and VK4RJ were VK4SN VK4QS VK2IG and VK3EI Voice signals were so low they didn't even show up on the SDR and what I could hear were not workable, hence a CW only log this year.