2021 October 40m QRP Hours

Contest Soapbox
Call Sign Category Mode Soapbox
VK3BYD SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Operated portable from Mt Stanley vk3/ve-126, so SOTA chaser points for all who worked me. Gear was the 40/30/20 trap dipole and the KX2. Challenging conditions, heard nothing of the VK1 & 2 stations
VK7LTD SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Unable to go portable. 5W CW & SSB, tnx for the contest
VK4SN SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Not the best on 40m this afternoon from VK4. QSB stopped a couple of contacts on CW. VK3's vy hard to hear. Called on PSK31 for 5 mins each half hour but no responders. Only worked one VK2 station on voice. but unable to hear anyone else. Come on CC25!. Thanks for the contacts. The RBN was a good reference to see where people were calling.
VK2UE SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Great contest ... love these short contests.
VK5LJ SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Variable conditions but managed to make a few CW contacts. VK3 were a good strength all contest, VK2 and VK4 got louder towards the end. Thanks for running the contest Andrew.
VK5LA SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP CW QCX-mini 5 watts SSB Icom 705 Antenna 40M Half Square Thanks to the callers!
VK2KI SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Thanks Andrew - crappy conditions but teriffic fun! I'd be up for a longer event... 1 hour CW, 1 hour SSB, 1 hour CW, 1 Hour SSB.
VK7VH SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP I have not entered the VKQRP contest for some time. This contest was very difficult. Strength 7 noise. However, I have renewed my interest in QRP contests. Long may they survive. Thank you to the contest manager for your hard work in keeping QRP contests alive. My best to all.
VK2ZP SINGLE-OP CW QRP 40 meters was difficult as usual but most enjoyable contest Could only hear VK4 and VK3 operators rig FT-817 ant efhw
VK2YW SINGLE-OP MIXED QRP Started late and then copped a phone call. Condx were good for long skip but no good for close stuff. Seemed to be only a few to be heard but good fun for the short time I went in.